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Large-Scale Residential

July 22, 2018
Gold Coast, Australia $275Million FWS  Asset Summary: 2,500-unit Residential Development financing for three properties in Brisbane and Canberra. Deal Summary: Financing in Australia has been nonexistent. First Wall Street accessed a U.S. based specialty lender and a global hedge fund to provide the capital our client required.

GigaWatt Wind Energy

July 22, 2018
Karachi, Pakistan $1.35Billion FWS  Asset Summary: 1,000 Megawatt renewable energy near Karachi, Pakistan.

RasGas Trains 1 and 2

July 22, 2018
Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar FWS  Asset Summary: First onshore LNG trains capable of producing a combined 6.6 Mta of LNG per year. Deal Summary: The benchmark for the LNG industry producing 44,000 barrels per day of stabilized field condensate, plant condensate, and granulated sulfur.

AES Lalpir Power Project

July 22, 2018
Pakistan $693Million FWS  Asset Summary: The projects have proven to be the most reliable power plants in Pakistan.

Marmara Ereglesi

July 22, 2018
Turkey $500Million FWS  Asset Summary: Development full-scale IPP in Turkey. Deal Summary: 480-MW, 2+1 CCGT with GT13E2 gas turbines. Natural gas and oil.

Rayong Power Plant

July 22, 2018
Thailand FWS  Asset Summary: Rayong is the first power plant for the EGCO Group. Deal Summary: Combined Cycle Power Plant, 1,232 MW, natural gas; 20 year PPA.


July 22, 2018
Rio de Janerio, Brazil FWS  Asset Summary: These Fields produce 680 thousand barrels of oil per day and 10.6 million cubic meters of gas. Deal Summary: Currently the six fields developed by Petrobras have a combined 4.2 billion barrels of proved reserves.

Quezon Power Plant

July 22, 2018
Luzon Island, Philippines FWS  Asset Summary: Coal-fired Power Plant. Deal Summary: QPL operates and maintains a 502.5 MW base load pulverized coal-fired electric generation facility, 31km, 230kV double circuit transmission line

Stone Ridge at Fairfield

July 2, 2018
Fairfield, CT Financed and built 70 condominiums. Designed as a modern interpretation of a brownstone village, the brick and stone clad exteriors and detail driven interior designs are unsurpassed. The architecture suggests an urban village setting with its central motor court and brick-paved walkways. Stone pavers lead into an electronically controlled main gate. The single-level […]
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