First Wall Media & Technology

First Wall Media & Technology
Welcome to First Wall Street Capital’s new division, First Wall Media & Technology.

First Wall Media & Technology supports transformational improvements and digital acceleration in portfolio companies by bringing expertise as operators to help build future market leaders. Staying fully aligned with management teams and providing services on demand makes us great partners in creating value.

When you partner with First Wall Media & Technology, we are there where and when you need us. As board members, advisors and through our portfolio resource teams, we help you. Your company gets access to specialized resources designed to leverage expertise and experience critical to rapid growth companies. We are an experienced team with deep functional expertise across revenue optimization, growth marketing, technology and M&A.

We seek opportunity in Web3 and decentralization, metaverse, AR/VR and gaming, sports and esports focused companies, and in fintech, martech, adtech, and medtech where growing companies are solving problems using AI, IOT, data and information, digital identity, authentication and verification.

In addition to our work with Canadian motion picture, television and media company Bron, we are proud to announce our new venture capital partnership with Silicon Valley based Ethos. With smart early investments made by Ethos in great new companies such Stripe, Airtable, Spotify, and SpaceX, we are excited about helping build the future for the next generation of future market leaders, as co-general partners with Ethos.
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How to work with us:

Introduce yourself using our contact form, or you can give us a call at 646-585-7111 (9-5 PM Eastern)
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