David H. Small

Senior Managing Director

David H. Small started his professional career in the early 1980s as a commercial real estate broker with Williams Real Estate Company in New York City. David quickly determined that ownership was his goal and to that end, he focused on owner representation. In addition to building a very successful leasing business, Mr. Small became an expert in all facets of property management: budgeting, staffing, marketing, and construction, (both base building and tenant improvement), work. Over the years, his clients came to him for his leasing prowess and learned to trust his managing abilities, often resulting in complete management and leasing assignments for him and his firm.

By the later 1980s, taking advantage of strained economic conditions, which resulted in a softening real estate market, Mr. Small made his play at ownership. Having learned from many of his clients, that staying power together with watching every nickel on the expense side is fundamental, and with his strong sense that buying good properties in great locations for the long haul would result in success. Mr. Small, together with various partners began purchasing office, industrial and retail proprieties in the Northeast. Setting up syndication partnerships to purchase properties from distressed sellers and sometimes lenders, proved to be the right formula to make the move from brokerage, to ownership.

In the 1990s, Mr. Small established Emory Roth Realty and Construction to focus on creating value through the development and redevelopment process. Mr. Small set his sights on the Manhattan market, specifically interested in identifying opportunities to creatively reuse industrial properties for residential use. Emory Roth performed the function of project manager and development partner.

Beginning in the early 2000’s Mr. Small along with his family focused on the management, positioning, as well as the acquisition, and development of New York area real estate. They currently own over 150 properties in Manhattan with some of the choicest development sites on the Island.

Some properties developed of particular noteworthiness;

  • The Anthem. 222 East 34th Street, N.Y.C. A 510-unit residential rental building with retail, amenities, and below-grade parking.
  • 23-10 Queens Plaza South, Long Island City, N.Y. A 390-unit residential rental, with an extensive amenity facility. Future upzoning of adjacent property for a 400,000 square foot retail and office development.
  • Stone Ridge at Fairfield, Fairfield C.T. A suburban infill site adjacent to a new Metro-North train station. A 70-unit condominium project that set new sale records.
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