JoAnn Claeyssens

Managing Director

JoAnn Claeyssens

JoAnn is a seasoned and savvy real estate professional who specializes in property value growth through intelligent investment and development.  With over 30 years of experience spanning private and commercial real estate investment, finance, property development, and property management, she has acquired an invaluable wealth of knowledge and skill that has served her clients very well.

JoAnn began her career in the finance sector and started working on apartment investments soon thereafter.  She and her husband founded a successful real estate brokerage in the California Bay Area in 1988 and later became active investors and developers in several other states.  JoAnn has created subdivisions in California and Colorado, styling each to have functional zoning and permitting with a luxury style fitted to the local landscape.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, JoAnn’s charitable character has kept her busy with further endeavors aimed at fostering personal growth in others.  These include a nonprofit foundation started in the 90’s to provide therapeutic horseback riding experiences to handicapped persons, and continual mentoring of young agents and entrepreneurs throughout her career.

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