Old Breukelen and new Brooklyn become one in Oosten, the most exciting new development to arrive on South Williamsburg’s vibrant waterfront district. In this stunning building, Dutch architect Piet Boon brings the elements that have made him an international design talent to a location reminiscent of his native Holland. With Oosten, he pays homage to his Dutch heritage with clean, streamlined elements that get more beautiful over time, and which harken back to the history of the neighborhood in which it is situated.

Consisting of 216 units and encompassing an entire block, Oosten makes a dramatic statement in South Williamsburg. The building’s façade is articulated using local materials that only improve with age and is a modern interpretation of the area’s industrial past. Gunmetal framing windows mingle with brick to create an homage to the Williamsburg Bridge, as well as to the area’s rich building heritage. Oosten’s seven different unit typologies (townhomes, duplex homes, 1-, 2-, & 3-bedrooms, lofts, and duplex penthouses), articulated on the exterior, express the range of the building and create an amazing variation on the façade. Ranging from $800,000USD - $4,000,000.

For the interiors, Boon’s designs are quintessentially Dutch, and exemplify a perfect mix of practicality, humanity and humor. Homes are designed in the Dutch tradition, with light and dark finishing packages available to residents, both palettes serene and neutral. Concrete and steel mingle with green and organic elements, and floor-to-ceiling windows and lush patios bring the outdoors in. Located just a stone’s throw from the Williamsburg Bridge, these residences boast clean yet industrial details that, like the neighborhood’s historic relics, gain a magical patina over time.

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