Our Strategy


Emerging Markets

First Wall Street Capital is constantly exploring unique investment and arbitrage opportunities in multiple sectors, and stages, by building a reputation for delivering significant and unique value to investment opportunities.

Our mission is to match attractive acquisition opportunities with investment capital and superior western-style management to introducing higher standards and mitigating local risks unlocking new value.

We have a strong US based operating investment and management platform combining experienced key management and a strong local team that takes full operating control over the assets we invest in order to achive US and international standards.

We invest in-house capital during initial stages of funding, then develop private investment products with select partners across the world.


Activist Investing

We have developed an activist investment strategy that leverages sophisticated tools and approaches to influence and help shape the political and policy outcomes in assets in which we invest.

We use tailored investment products and approaches for frontier markets in order to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities that we identify and control. Such opportunities arise, in part, from international government and lending bodies growing increasingly involved in all levels of political and business areas. Their involvement and required reforms are creating some of the deepest substantive sectoral transformations in recent history.

Our extensive in-country networks and expertise provide opportunities for direct engagement with relevant public and private sector decision makers at all levels. This drives material improvements in asset value, whether through policy changes or other value-creating outcomes.


Investment Strategy

Our specialized investment strategy is based on placing capital into opportunities that are broadly misunderstood and mispriced due to political factors within the developing world. We assume an active role, in-country, in identifying catalysts that create opportunities to drive value for our investment positions.

We identify and forecast political catalysts that drive asset-price movement, including:

  • Changes in government composition and/or policy as a result of Western, IMF or other global institutions, causing pressure on reforms;
  • Local business disputes; and
  • Other political and economic events arising from reform pressure driving country transformation and increased transparency.

We acquire and invest capital and management into businesses with significant arbitrage opportunities arising from the above catalysts.

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